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Hello again, everybody! Another day, another restaurant review. So, today was my first time going to 222 Artisan Bakery.

222 Artisan Bakery 2
Outdoor View

New year means trying new things, and hopefully this review will encourage you to go try this downtown Edwardsville bakery yourself. If you did not know already, its address is 222 N Main St. and it sits right off the road in a visually pleasing building draped up and dripped down with red and gold banners and signs.

-Arrival & Order

When my companion and I entered this restaurant, the line to order was full but moving fast. Amongst other pictures and art, large chalkboards decorated every wall with listings of menu possibilities and specialties. However, I cannot leave out the delightful aroma and smell that hits you when you come inside this place from a cold January day. The warmth I felt from inside that building today was probably similar to the childhood feeling that comes to you if your are the kid at the family Christmas party with the most presents, and the other kids (in this case people walking by on the street) can only look on in envy. As we approached to order, I felt a bit rushed to make a decision due to the large amount of menu items – which were neatly written on the walls and named after actual people’s names.

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It was a bit intimidating at first, for I was used to going into a restaurant and seeing the typical sandwich menu item listed as a generic name like “Turkey Sub”. Only a moment later, I came to the conclusion that I was going to order a “Marc” which was essentially a BLT sandwich and the bacon potato soup that they offered that day & a water. I did not think I could go wrong choosing a soup, sandwich combo. My companion must have had a similar thought. He ordered the same soup and a sandwich named “Ben” which consisted of turkey, ham, salami, swiss, lettuce, onion, and mayo along with a soda.

-Food & Dining

Right after our order was completed, we were handed our soup with a bread roll. Afterwards, we sat down in another area of the restaurant and I felt a very modern, hipster vibe. We were surrounded by conversation, people reading, people  on laptops, or people with headphones in. It seemed like a great place to focus. A phenomenal place for a quick break, and an attempt to recenter and balance your day and emotions.222 Artisan Bakery 1

When it comes to the food, the soup and bread roll combo was to die for. Filling and rejuvenating. They were more than generous with how many potatoes were in it and the bacon pieces were thick and flavorful. As for the sandwiches, they were both a wonderful complement to the soups. The sandwich I ate had a lot of greens and both large and small tomato slices, along with ample bacon.

-Overall Summary

222 Artisan Bakery Soup & Bread
Soup & Bread

Summary of the things I loved about the Bakery: THE SMELL was exhilarating. The food was low priced (19$ for a meal for two) and very good. They definitely had what smelled to be great coffee; I regret not trying it. Friendly staff. Quick service. Some people brought their small dogs in and the staff had no problem with it at all (This could be a pro or con for some people, but the dogs were well trained and the owners were carrying them the whole time). The place was clean.

Summary of the things that I didn’t like: Limited seating.

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222 Artisan Bakery coffee
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222 Artisan Bakery Ben
“Ben” sandwich

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