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Welcome back to the site, everybody! Hope everybody’s cars and houses are still intact after those furious winds that occurred last night. Despite the crazy weather we have been having, I managed to make it to one of my personal CBW : Crazy Bowls & Wrapsfavorite places the other day – Crazy Bowls & Wraps. As I write this, I am reminded that it is already the third month into the new year, and if you are like me you may have already started to slip up, or completely give up, on some of the goals you set back in late December or January – whether it has to do with diet or nutrition. Let this be a reminder to myself and for any of those who have maybe fell short these last few weeks on any goal – it is never too late to get back on track. CBW offers what I believe to be reasonably healthy, feel-good food. Off the top of my head, I really cannot think of any other place that is like CBW around right now. It is fresh food and it is FAST. The choices you get here, are so much better that that junk we find ourselves eating and drinking too often.

-Arrival & Order

For those of you unfamiliar with CBW, it is located at 6679 Edwardsville Crossing Dr, Edwardsville, IL 62025, or more simply – it is on the corner edge of the Dierberg’s plaza outlet area.

Inside View

In all seriousness, this place is a fantastic, fast serving, healthy alternative to the food most of us find ourselves eating in moments of convenience. I’ve been to this place probably five or six times now and it has yet to disappoint. I find myself craving their food more regularly and for good reasons. I admit I have only dabbled in their chicken wraps – but do not worry for those who are not big on wraps – I snapped a shot of their menu to give you an idea of what else they have to offer, because there’s a lot (see the lower part of the article for more on that). However, the wraps have been so filling and delicious each time for me, that I naturally came back specifically wanting more of them. I went around lunch time the other day and the atmosphere was, as always, very welcoming and busy. If there has been a line when I walked in the door, it has moved rather quickly. The cashiers are very polite, are quick to get your order, and only ask for you to be briefly patient before getting your food. The absolute most I have waited is probably 5-8 minutes, which is perfect for the amount of time it takes for us to look at our phones for a “brief second”, easily get distracted, and then realize we ordered some scrumptious food.

-Food & Dining

I have dined in before at CBW, when I was with company, but the other day when I went I got it to go. Instead of the usual Buffalo Chicken Wrap I get from here, I thought I would try out the BBQ chicken wrap this time around. I got the wrap with an order of chips and did not forget to grab 2-3 containers of pico de gallo medium salsa while I was waiting for my food. I regret not taking a picture of all the salsas, sauces, and dressings they have at a self serve mini bar between the drinks and the order counter. If it had not been so busy, I would have got one to show you guys their unique selection. Having read and remembered some of the labels, there was some extremely healthy ingredients in some of the items they offered in that mini bar. Definitely check that out guys, because there is a lot of delicious choices, that are great for your body.

BBQ Chicken Wrap, Chips & Pico de Gallo

Once I got my food, I drove about 10 minutes back to my work in Glen Carbon, and the sandwich was still very hot and fresh. The Buffalo Chicken Wrap is not over the top on the spiciness. The BBQ chicken wrap had a really sweet taste to it and I could tell the same style of cooked chicken was used. I got both of those wraps with brown rice which always makes the wrap filling and is probably why the sandwich remains still hot and ready to eat even when you get your meal to go.

-Overall Summary

Summary of the things I loved about CBW: The place is kept neat and clean. The service is consisted of a young staff, just willing to help feed you good food and get your order right. The food comes FAST and is well worth the short wait time. Great place to eat after a workout or something if you need food that is not going to upset your stomach, and is going to be reasonably healthy. If you forget to meal prep one day, you cannot go wrong eating here and getting some chicken and rice. They have some unique selections for drinks, salsas, sauces, and dressings. Really want to get a bowl sometime soon.

Summary of the things that I didn’t like: The chips are pretty salty, which I honestly did not mind too much but I know that concerns some people. Salt does not stay on those tortilla chips well though, so if you would be one of those people that would have issues with excess salt – a little brushing off and dunking chips in the salsa should do the trick. Also, I wish they had better containers for the salsa. They are small circular containers that do not really go well with chips.

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