Teaspoon Cafe Review

-Arrival & Order

Hello, everybody! So, today I went to Teaspoon Cafe for the first time.

Teaspoon Cafe
Outside Teaspoon Cafe

I found exactly where it was located. It is close to my work office, and I went with a coworker during the lunch hour. The actual address is 2125 South Rt. 157 in Edwardsville for those who are interested in checking it out for themselves. When we were on our way there, we both admitted to having never been inside or even seeing the outside.  Immediately leaving the office, I think it was safe to say we felt like we were both adventuring in unchartered territory.

Upon our arrival, we came across the cafe sitting in a little outlet-mall-like area that was surprisingly busy at 1:30pm on a Friday. My first impression was that the surrounding stores were the ones drawing in the business. However, it did not take long to realize that it was Teaspoon Cafe reeling in the consumers.

Teaspoon Cafe 2
Baked Goods -Teaspoon Cafe

The small building was just barely large enough to squeeze in the customers at that time. In fact, while we were ordering my coworker and I had a few moments of doubt on whether or not we would even get a seat.


With the line in front of us moving quickly and people flooding in behind us, we hurriedly placed our orders to their young and welcoming staff just in time to turn around and find a table opening next to the checkout. “Quick, snag that one,” my coworker murmured as he finished paying for the order. Like a shark would when he smells fresh blood in the water, I lunged tackled into the chair driven by hunger.

-Food & Dining

About the same length of time it took for both of us to order and get seated, it had not been 5 minutes before we got our food. I definitely have to give credit to their staff once again. I ordered a Chicken BLT Sandwich that came with a salad and a Java Chip Frappe to drink, whereas my coworker ordered a delicious looking Chicken Caesar Wrap with the Taco Soup & chips with a water. Having an awesome aftertaste, the Frappe was SO GOOD.

Teaspoon Cafe 3
Teaspoon Cafe Wrap & Soup

As for the sandwich I had, it looked pretty good and tasted better than looked. It fell apart just a bit at the end. Which all in all, that happens to me most of the time when I have a sandwich. The salad was nothing too special but I should have ordered a different dressing than ranch.

Teaspoon Cafe
BLT – Teaspoon Cafe

As for my companion, he seemed pleased with his meal. He was a little unsure as to why they offered no soda options. But we both agreed it was probably because they want you to focus on their extravagant coffees and teas.

-Overall Summary

Summary of the things I loved about the cafe: There was an incredible atmosphere. The food was pretty fairly priced (23$ for a filling meal for two). The definitely had a solid coffee & tea selection. One of the best things was their extremely nice and welcoming staff. Also, teaspoons has a clean and tidy area to eat, despite ample customers. Looking forward to trying their other soups

Summary of the things that I didn’t like: There was not enough seating in the building to accompany all of their customers! This place is really good and you should check it out ASAP!


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Teaspoon Cafe
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